Monday, September 28, 2009

The Chiefs Stink

Okay, the Chiefs stink. I wrote last week’s game had an exhibition feel to it, as the Eagles spent the whole second half working on things. This game felt the same way. With Kansas City down multiple scores in the second half, the Chiefs eschewed trying to win for trying to get Larry Johnson started- passively running the ball between the tackles as the Eagles added eighth and ninth defenders into the box. Not a very entertaining or competitive afternoon.

My brother pointed out during pre-game introductions that only one Eagle offensive player was a starter opening day last year: Delaware State's Jamaal Jackson. The Eagles had six starting offensive players out: both guards, the left tackle, one wide out (Curtis) and the entire McNabb/Westbrook axis.

But once again, the Eagles plugged real serviceable, groomed reinforcements into the holes and got a credible offensive day. People who claim Reid can’t coach ought to realize this is pretty standard for Philadelphia the last decade- the consistent play-off appearances are part and parcel of their competence in building out roster spots 24 through 45.

Look at yesterday. Both guards were unnoticeable- which might just be your goal as an NFL guard. Filling in at left tackle, Winston Justice might just being making a leap to serviceable. That is no joke in a League where there might not be 62 serviceable OTs in the entire league. McCoy is a better player right now than the always gimpy Westbrook. And Maclin and Brown caught balls while replacing Kevin Curtis. I think we may be learning why Baskett was let go rather than Brown… because Kevin Curtis is getting real close to being a constant on the de-activated roster. Curtis is looking at an unholy superfecta: younger credible replacements, that cost less, currently contributing and presently not hurt. If your hole is number two wide-out, and not special teams ace, Brown looks better on the roster than Baskett.

And of course, Kevin Kolb continued to improve- that old C-USA training makes him quite willing to throw 35-ish balls and generate big numbers (first quarterback in history to throw for 300 yards plus in his first two starts!). Okay, this was no division road game- but rather a Chiefs outfit that couldn’t score enough to put any pressure on Kolb to match points. Still, while the Chiefs are heading to 3-13- their defense is credible, it is their offense that is a wreck.

In two games, Kolb has proven he can make every throw: outs, screens, over the middle, seam routes, etc. He has hooked up with Jackson three times already in the past two games for touchdowns of over 60+ yards- and all three throws were stone strikes.

In his other sustained action, Kolb has been a turnover machine- but even in the team wide Ravens (last year) and Saints debacles, he always completed a lot of balls in the midst of the interceptions. Some guys never get over the turnover propensity (AJ Feeley?). Hopefully he will. And this turnover free performance is a start.

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