Monday, September 14, 2009

Week 2 BlogPoll

Well, I am back down out of the White Mountain National Forest- just in time to cast this week's vote for the BlogPoll:

2Alabama 1
3Texas 1
4Southern Cal
6Brigham Young
7Penn State
8Boise State
9Miami (Florida)
10LSU 1
11Utah 1
12California 4
15Ohio State
16North Carolina 3
18Georgia Tech 1
19Oregon 1
20Oklahoma State 10
21Virginia Tech
22Kansas 2
23Tulsa 2
25Pittsburgh 3
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Notre Dame (#20), East Carolina (#23).

How nice to be able to put two C-USA teams in the poll- and not have either be a charity vote. You might quibble with Houston at 13- but like BYU, their resume right now is as good as anyone's in the country. I kinda want to move USC up into the top 2- but I know an SEC team will be in the BCS Championship game; I don't know about the Trojans yet.

Miami of Florida continues to be my pick as this year's top ten surprise- and since I had'em over FSU as a stone lock- I'm entitled to vote them as the future ACC Champion. And I don't see how you can keep Michigan off after their big home win.

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