Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Great White Whale

Coach Rich Rodriguez will always be the great white whale to a generation of Tulane fans- sitting in the lobby in his green blazer, unaware that his then dream job was being handed to Chris Scelfo. This wiki entry will let you know how that turned out.

But as the Free Press points out, Coach Rod is in trouble yet again. So, funny how things work out. Maybe the Wave caught a break? The sanctification of Coach Rod is one our fave obsessions....
"But these accusations cut to the core of the NCAA’s biggest hypocrisy — the idyllic illusion of the student-athlete, at least as it pertains to football. And that should be Michigan’s greatest worry at the onset of the any inquisition.

The NCAA might have no alternative but to stain the sainted image of Michigan football if it means protecting the greater fallacy of major college football as a part-time academic diversion.

Football is a full-time job at Michigan. It’s a full-time job at Michigan State."
-->Me again. It is a full-time job at those Big Ten schools- but Tulane does try to provide a sort of balance past lip service- at least more than the BCS powers. If Coach Rod is messing up the rules already, maybe the Wave was right to pass?

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