Thursday, September 24, 2009

PRAYdiction Thursday

A wag over on the forums is calling this “PRAYdiction Thursday”- as a very shaky Tulane Green Wave stares a solid I-AA program in the eye. In the typical ennui that surrounds Tulane, McNeese State comes into the Louisiana Superdome as the road team, despite a real probability the place will be swarming with more Cowboy fans than the Wave can generate right now?

I’ll get it out there upfront; I think Tulane wins this game. Yes, obviously, they better. But, really, nothing we’ve seen from the Wave should move you off any three-four win forecast; blowouts were preordained againt Tulsa and BYU. But even a three-win Tulane team should win here.

As one of those fellows in that specific prognostication bucket, I opine that Tulane will win 3-4 of its last eight-ish competitive games because the troika of Jeremy, Robottom and Anderson are credible skill players in this League. Further interesting, they are all Scelfo recruits- still not ONE positive skill player, in a skill player League, from the “bestest recruiter” ever!

So, Andre Anderson is a good C-USA player. Give him the ball, run it down their throats, give him every chance to have a 160 yard rushing day. If Andre doesn’t have 35 touches, the game plan is stupid. Seriously, that simple test should be applied to whatever comes out of the office this week as a “plan”. Use that pounding to open up spots for easy pitch and catch touches for the two talented wideouts.

Of course, with Coach Toledo one never knows.

My game plan is not a ringing endorsement of Anderson. Conversely, it is more that I know they can generate the touches (just hand Andre the ball), the quarterback needs help right now and if we can’t move these guys up front, who can we block?

Tulane has two big intangtibles here too. Tulane is coming off a bye week and the Green Wave figures to be desperate- this is a season saving effort Saturday. While it is a shame we can’t even schedule I-AA opponents to get rent-a-wins- the Toledo improvement continues!- I am pretty confident Tulane will handle these guys via rushing for a big number.

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