Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BlogPoll: Ranking the SEC

Time for this week's CBS Sports BlogPoll, where I finally allow my deep seated biases shine through like a lighthouse on Christmas.

Frankly, after having my poll torn apart by losses by non-cotton state powers USC and Oklahoma, I'm letting go and stocking my poll with the one League I know features teams that do not choke (and yes USC, you choke a lot). Yes, the SEC. Particularly note the bottom, where I welcome marginal outfits such as Auburn and Kentucky. Hey, they haven't lost yet- and I'm not sure North Carolina is walking into either two venues and winning.

The Miami Hurricanes were my surprise pick this year- and I think they'll get by Tech this weekend- and everyone will soon be joining me in voting for the 'canes in the top five. They are sort of an honorary SEC outfit anyway: fast, minimal schooling, some felonies.

And, unfortunately, Tulsa's loss to the Sooners returns C-USA back to one (from two!) legit member of the poll:

3Miami (Florida) 6
4Mississippi 1
5Texas 2
6Boise State 2
7Penn State
8LSU 2
9California 3
10Houston 3
11Southern Cal 7
12Ohio State 3
13Georgia 1
14Oklahoma 3
15North Carolina 1
16Virginia Tech 5
17Oregon 2
18Oklahoma State 2
19Florida State
20Kansas 2
21Brigham Young 15
22Michigan 2
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Utah (#11), Georgia Tech (#18), Tulsa (#23), Pittsburgh (#25).