Saturday, September 05, 2009

Needs Improvement

Well, I don’t exactly know what to make of that 37-13 loss versus Tulsa- other than curious, forced throw by Banks got me my cover. Tulane never was in the game (bad)- but had some chances to get into said game (good)- but never did (bad). But the Wave was a single tipped interception from a one score game in the first half… and Tulsa is one of the three problematic games on their schedule. Toledo can be zapped for coaching for a good loss against clearly superior outfit (say the decision to kick a field goal down 20)- but he did in fact get his good loss and got the first of two problematic games in a row off the schedule. It would churlish to say it wasn't closer than the socreboard indicated.

Clearly, Tulane was better, more entertaining, than the slop they rolled out there the second half of last season. The skill position axis of Williams, Robottom and Anderson has promise. The defense allowed three TDs- but one was the result of a turnover in their own red zone, the other strictly garbage time.

Frankly, that is better than last year- smatterings of competence on both offense and defense are going to be enough to beat some sub. 500 conference outfits. The Wave is both going to win more than the last year and simply just be in more games. I assure you: more wins this year! I'm not going too crazy: week-to-week improvement and strong second halves of seasons have not been the Toledo trademark here.

Bullet thoughts:

For the 25th game of this regime, the quarterback play was again shaky. That is the number one priority in a quarterback League- and this regime just can’t get that position “ready”. Very unfortunate- particularly since this a League where second tier physical specimens can play (Irvin and Elliot).

First five offensive snaps: two timeouts, sack, one off-side penalties.

If Tulsa’s returner is “the greatest special teams player” in the League: why are we kicking to him- particularly with our coverage units?

Coach Toledo lost weight- looks better. I always thought it was a valid criticism of Scelfo when he got enormous- how can you preach fitness, etc. and look like you can only be moved when the tide is right?

#19 is a tough guy. Robottom is a football player.

The inside LB (#55) can make plays in front of him- but if he has to turn his shoulders and chase guys upfield… forget it.

How can Banks look slow on kick returns (multiple guys making contact before the 18) and so elusive running the “Pelican”. Maybe he is more agile than quick? If so, perhaps miscast as a KR.
On Tulane’s first red zone possession, Banks playing QB for two huge snaps in a row says a lot about the level of confidence Toledo has in the routine quarterback preparation .

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