Saturday, July 02, 2005

A Very Tulane Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day!

I will be off this weekend- so no original blogging. But in order to leave something to read, and to remind you that football is coming, I have re-posted my season previews for 2002 & 2003. 2004 is in its proper place in the archives.

I underestimated the 2002 team a bit- picking them to win 5 or 6 regular season games- rather than the eventual seven. They came along faster on offense than I had anticipated- and the defense was only "sort of terrible" rather than scary bad:

The 2003 preview is surprisingly on target- a team with questions everywhere that had some hope in that there were both potential answers and a schedule that was unchallenging and featured some games that broke right in terms of location and timing.