Monday, June 20, 2005

Formula One Cowards.

Yet more powerful evidence Europe is a total farce. But this is what you get for depending on the French unions to make tires:

Formula One tore itself apart in full view of the world last night as the US Grand Prix turned into a farce of epic proportions. Twenty cars set off on the parade lap for a race watched by 120,000 spectators at the huge Indianapolis Motor Speedway and almost 400 million on television around the globe, including an expected prime-time audience of more than six million on ITV1. But 14 cars
then peeled off into the pitlane and parked up in a protest over tyre safety.,,5923-1661513,00.html

Once again, the only people who comported themselves correctly in light of an international incident were the Americans. While attending this event, as opposed to a NASCAR sanctioned affair, is perhaps powerful evidence of stupidity, the throng rallied and showed some gumption- moving briskly and professionally from “crowd” to “mob” as the situation demanded!

Apparently told nothing about this farce beforehand, they threw bottles and taunted the French cowards that figure way too prominently in this sport. Perfect. Can you imagine Tony Stewart climbing out of a car because his tires couldn’t go fast?

Do you think we can get OSU’s Pat Casey involved here? The crowd clearly needs an advocate who can get oh-so-tearful and weep on demand. It just isn’t fair, right Pat*?

* elf or fairy?