Thursday, June 30, 2005


Sorry folks. I have been following a light blogging schedule- taking a break after two weeks of pretty intense activity centered on Tulane baseball. This blog set and then broke its “viewing” record repeatedly last week- topping out at 361 unique servers visiting the day of the Texas CWS game. I appreciate it. It is nice that this blog has a growing community- particularly considering I had two visitors a day last September.

The only downside is getting to my e-mail. My in-box has been jammed with lots of good comments. I take some pride in getting back to everyone. If you care enough to remark, you deserve some response.

About twenty of the e-mails were breathless ascertains of my work being cribbed pretty directly and posted, without credit, over on the yogwf site on a post called “Successful Football Season”.

Look, it is not right to allow cribbed posts- and if you run a public forum you have an obligation to police it. It has happened before- and when I brought it to the moderators attention- they promptly allowed it to be sourced.

Consequently, you will get no negative reviews from me about yogwf. They run a fun site. I know a lot of people complain about their sunshine editorial policy. But it is their Forum. They aren’t claiming to be a serious source of commentary; it is a fan forum. Everyone knows that any place where people can post anonymously is simply not credible. Accordingly, yogwf can be educational, poignant or dumb- because it isn’t journalism. It is merely fun.

However, yogwf drives interest in Tulane sports- so it is a definite net plus in the world of Tulane athletics- which needs all the interest drivers it can get. If you don’t like it, it is not like there aren’t other places to put your opinion forward.

Several e-mails mentioned the fact that I don’t link to yogwf. I am going to change that. I used to not link to them because they did not link to here. When I was getting ten hits a day, it seemed kind of unreasonable to ask for reciprocity. They never needed me. And now that I have a baseline of 100 pretty regular daily visitors, and I cannot attend an event without dealing with readers, I don’t need them. But again, even thought I don’t participate in their forums, I support what they are doing- so I will be putting a link up shortly.

Apparently, there were some scurrilous attacks as well. For the record, I did not predict Navy to physically destroy the Wave. I picked the Wave to cover in that spot, and that pick is still up, mainly because I thought the Wave could compete physically upfront with that team. I was 9-1 ATS last year- go and check. And 7-3 ATS the year before that. I do think Forte was a below-average back in C-USA last year- as did every single journalist voting for all-conference. And if you did not think Ricard was frequently inconsistent last year, and that Tulane’s secondary is a real problem, I don’t know what to tell you.

Lastly, a plug. No day is complete without a visit to Anonymous Sportaholic: