Friday, June 24, 2005

Paul Tulane Still Strong

Gosh, he's still a magnificant role model for the young men of Louisiana, right? No delighted, accomplished father ever peers into his son's bassinet and loudly proclaims "I hope my son is special enough to get into LSU."

If anything, an adriot father hopes his son candidly isn't "special" enough to have to go to LSU.

In times of trouble like CWS elimination, Paul still stands as the perfect guide to what the Tulane man seeks to be.

Like many people connected with Tulane, I suppose he simply could not resist the pull of just being near Long Island. Paul went to the trustees of Princeton University and offered them a large sum of money if they would change the name of the college to "Tulane University." When the trustees stupidly refused, and thus doomed themselves to years of uninteresting I-AA football, Tulane gave his money to a certain, special school in New Orleans. This school agreed to the terms. And as such: The Tulane University of Louisiana.

Paul Tulane died, spitting to his end on the mis-spelled overtures of LSU for a hand-out for a new stadium. He would have been disgusted to see Louisiana's largest public university not spending money sending Louisiana Guardsmen to college- but rather paying for a mis-placed priority such as a new cage with a waterfall for Tiger mascots. I can hear his voice, I think, asking "Couldn't the money for the waterfall at least have gone to soldiers and veterans?"

He asked to buried with this monument, with his back facing Princeton University!

Classy to the end Paul. No wonder people are careful messing with the Tulane alumnus- we will have our revenge even in death.

Right Mike IV?