Monday, June 20, 2005

Bogey's Waterloo

Not a very complex game to analyze right? Accordingly, I have little poignant to say. Up and down the line-up, Tulane could do nothing with either Longhorn pitcher.

The Tulane story seems to be that it is clear there is something not quite right with Bogusevic. He’s closing in on something like twenty starts and 150 innings. Those kinds of numbers are a lot for a young pitcher- particularly one battling leg injuries and playing somewhere every day. He doesn’t look hurt exactly, just tired- the infamous tired arm. Yes, he is not exactly a true power pitcher like Owings, and I know the “gun” ESPN provides is not an exactly finely tuned instrument, but his fastball doesn’t top out even at 92 any more. Plus, just look at him. Bogey simply isn’t sharp, everything is a chore, he labors, works so very Steve Trachsel-like slow, pushes the breaking ball. He no longer even seems capable of fifteen quality outs right now.

And yes, there are also a variety of other problems that can kill you in a short series. The frosh third baseman has hit a wall. Can Jones move him down in the line-up please- or does Eramus have to kill Tulane over forty more at bats just like his last forty? And Jones needs to get Madden’s bat and savvy offense into the line-up immediately.

Is Tulane entirely screwed then? Just about. Only the fact that Owings is completely lights out on the mound right now. Since Micah would pitch a third game with Texas- a game I bet Tulane would be favored in Vegas for (yes, okay, like tonite)- is enough to give some bare hope. So that is the goal, right? Survive until Thursday- win two then take the chance with big Owings. Thin gruel- but at least it sounds better than win three.

I am pretty confident neither Baylor nor Tulane know what sort of game they will get from their pitching tomorrow. So call tomorrow a sort of toss-up. Endure that- and a potential second game with Texas Wednesday will be a very, very tall order: Texas’ third guy versus a true amalgamation of pitching emerging from the Tulane ‘pen. Billy Mohl! Come on down!

That Wednesday game would have to be an outright steal- but I am sort of confident Tulane both can get to that game and then can definitely win the game after it- particularly with Owings going.