Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Football! Getting Warmed Up

Those of you who watched the Tulane-Louisville game on the television last December might remember this clip- one of the oddest televised moments ever in Tulane football.

I taped the game off the satellite- and was half-watching while working on some other stuff- and my ears perked right up at that nonsense.

Just shows if you watch enough mid-major football, you'll see everything.

And since we are clicking on links- still the funniest, yet oh so earnest, site on the web- featuring this classic quote:

In January 2003, Jim Miller became the fifth Athletic Director in UNO's history.

Since taking over, Miller's position on football at UNO has been made very clear:

Now is not the time.

Seriously, one almost has a moral obligation to pass this around to friends and family, who went to UNO, and insist they take this down. It is embarrassing to both Louisiana and New Orleans.

And as to this menu, I actually prefer numbers one & eleven: