Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Is Tulane gonna win this thing or not?

Clues can be found here- a rather curious blog. I stole the picture above from there:

The author does take the time to slur the Green Wave though- which I appreciate:
It appears that they have 4 strong starting pitchers in the forms of Brian Bogusevic (13-2, 3.14), Micah Owings (11-4, 3.38), Brandon Gomes (8-2, 4.45), and J.R. Crowel (10-1, 5.00). Owings should be equally feared at the plate where he is batting .354 with 18 homeruns and 63 RBI's. Looking over these stats is a clear indication that Tulane is not lacking in the power department... Their name isn't all that intimidating however.
Like "Beaver" is? Lord. Now, it isn’t exactly bulletin board material- but as we know, I get annoyed quickly.

Anyway, my devotional this morning was Proverbs 27:1- which was a little sobering.

Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring forth.
Still, don't you get this feeling that OSU, messing around with this Tulane and LHP nonsense, rather than just simply running the #1 guy out there, is being a little naive? You absolutely do not want to disrespect the Wave in this spot. They can hang a crooked number on you real quick. Ask Rice’s Degerman. He pitched great- he is a MLB drafted player. Even so, the Wave was able to keep him in constant trouble- so a little dribbler could beat him.

Anyway, that bit of news was very heartening. I like the idea of OSU already setting up their rotation for the rest of the week.

Cute Forum here too- lacks the acid of our beloved Tulane one. A plus is that your user ID and password work here too: