Monday, October 12, 2009

The Sporting Life Is Worthwhile

Sunday was obviously one of those days that really makes me glad I give so much time and effort following professional sport. Gosh, was I ever rewarded as yesterday? Is there anything more wholesome than being parked with your youngest brother, on the third floor of the ancestral family home, being forced fed bad middle relief until 2:30 in the morning? My forehead literally hurts from disgusted and frantic rubbing. And then, Nelson-like victory!

But first, off to the Linc to watch the Philadelphia Eagles half-interestedly dismantle a hapless Tampa Bay outfit. And this victory was despite playing pretty bored and stupid. Again, particularly over the Philadelphia offense, hangs this sense of preseason game eight or so- the constant breaking in of new weapons (McNabb and Maclin), experimenting with old (Westbrook was back- sort of, at times), sharply calling a halt to proceedings to run odd “wildcat plays” (this experiment is simply not working). Heck, even Kolb got in for a play to hand it off for some reason- causing the Eagles to burn a timeout when Vick didn’t re-enter promptly enough. Or something like that. MLB Trotter showed up, played some- then shuffled off to deeper parts of the roster.

On defense, Philadelphia just looks so bored and commits rashes of penalties. Frankly, everyone the Eagles play- outside of New Orleans- seems simply horrid. Coach Andy seems to want to use this games in some sort of giant bloodying exercises for all new the offensive performers.

Of course, then the four plus hour NLDS marathon with Colorado. You have to sort of watch just to see who Charlie will pitch next. It is weird, you find yourself arguing vociferously for inanities like “Bastardo now!”- and no would be shocked if Randy Lerch surfaced as a situational lefty. After Charlie’s machinations failed in Game 2, he seemingly pressed more of the right buttons in Game 3.

Every move is fraught with the worst perils. Introducing Blanton early means guys like Scott Eyre need to move past comfortable situational roles. Removing Eyre short of said full inning means burning Madson early than wanted. And of course, the whole axis of decisions moving closer and closer to the closer: Brad “Rockets Red Glare” Lidge.

Still, we’re alive- and the Rockies face trouble- needing to beat Lee or Hamels back in Philadelphia- and whipping quality starting LHP is not their thing. So: Don’t worry Red Sox fans! The Phillies will take care of those Yankees for you yet!

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