Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Vote Florida

The BlogPoll is back. Frank Helps You Think It All Out proudly represents Tulane in CBS Sports College Football Poll. The poll is NOT out yet- but ballots are due and below is my submission:

4Southern Cal
6Penn State
8Boise State
12Miami (Florida)
13Ohio State
14North Carolina
16Oklahoma State
18Florida State
19Virginia Tech
21Georgia Tech
22Notre Dame
24Brigham Young
25East Carolina

I honestly don't find anything too crazy- but some notes.

Mississipi: The Rebels are a chic Top Ten pick in places- including here (although yes, you can be #10 but fourth best in the SEC). They have a good coach, speed and a schedule that is almost wonderous. The only SEC road games are Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Auburn and Mississippi State- all four are not on any sane Top 25 list. OOC is 4-0: Memphis, UAB, Northern Arizona, SE La. The Rebels could win eleven games.

Georgia: I put the Bulldogs tenth- and if I could I would draw a "line" at this point. Beneath here you could really jumble all the teams and I'd be pretty okay with the result. I'm confident everyone in my top ten is loaded- but after here....

Miami (Florida): This is my "surprise" pick. I got turned on to the 'canes when I was in Vegas at the depth of action they were getting in the National Championship pool. Most people have Florida State in their top twenty- and Miami is only a four point road dog on the road there (a toss up on a neutral field). The Hurricanes win that game- and spend the season in the high teens.

Notre Dame: Schedule continues to be dumbed down- I can see nine wins here.

East Carolina: My C-USA Champion pick always gets my last spot!

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