Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Miss

Sorry about the light blogging schedule. This has been a hard week for the Wall Street trading professional- leaving little time this week to follow the news of the week. Perhaps Frank Helps You Think It All Out has let you down recently. The picks of the week have started out iffy!

But what a week it has been: Phillies! Eagles! The Green Wave! All three are up from recent nadirs.

We’ll start with Tulane. I admit it up front; I did not see the game. Frankly, I couldn’t work up any interest to squint at the internet or whatever the viewing option was this weekend. I went to the beach.

So I have not comment on the game per se- other than some state of the program observations. Look, all wins are good. And this win is sweetened by, let’s face it, Tulane had to have it. It would be outright bad to lose to an in-state rival we semi-recruit against. Tulane simply must win the few games it plays a demonstrative favorite. Lose that game, and the road to a disasterous, 2-10ish campaign was real bright.

Other than that, I dunno. If you have Tulane at any win total between three and seven, you have them getting the UL-Monroe game and sitting at one up, two down at this point.

I had a pre-season “fair” over/under of 3.5- and took the under. Really, I thought the Wave had three gotta haves and should gets: Louisiana-Monroe, Army, and SMU- but admittedly, I figured they’d blow one of that three, but steal another elsewhere.

Well, the Warhawks are in the win column and you can add in this new fact. To wit, I officially missed on SMU; they’re horrid. Jeez’em crow. That program is a real blow to those who think throwing a zillion dollars at new stadiums and coaches is the way to fix a moribund football problem. Anyway, it is very hard to imagine Tulane losing this Thursday to that mess- particularly with the Green Wave defense playing at the top of their range. The 17.5 is a stiff price to pay for that opinion- particularly on a short week- but right now I’m inclined to lay those points.

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