Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Horrid and Boring

Tulane put its 2008-2009 men’s basketball schedule out there yesterday about as quietly as possible. Even a brief look will tell you why. Jeez, were they even trying? A program struggling to build interest needs to be building optimism and intrigue- not be horrid and boring. And this schedule is both.

There are some good posts here. This particular sample is angry, but I kinda get his vibe:
With this lousy schedule, there's no reason to play Grambling when you could play La Tech. There's no reason to completely disrespect the season ticket holders, which is what this home ooc schedule absolutely does. That's cheap, that's win-inflating. Not a good sign. And for good measure, it will help to ensure LOW attendance.
Candidly, I don’t blame the season ticket holder for being mad. You can justify the schedule and make semantic arguments- but who is going to sit there, night after night, and put up with game after game of Nicholls State and North Carolina A&T and Albany State and McNeese State and Binghampton? Then exciting conference play begins: Bring on Rice!

In case Tulane missed it, television is semi-good these days! This basketball program has fallen so far, has so little in terms of interest.

I understand why we can’t get ACC & SEC teams in here- Tulane has a small building and we just might win- but why not Louisiana Tech or UNO (play twice like they used too)?

Why don’t they consider bringing Perry back? You think both might attack this situation with 100% more humility.

And why is LSU not playing the Wave? For shame. I know Tulane beat them last year (never good when you are supposed to be the patsy in the relationship), and went 4-0 versus the SEC/Big East last year. But this isn’t like football- where LSU has a real tangible argument about the paucity of available dates. No excuse. Get that done.