Wednesday, September 10, 2008

BlogPoll Ballot

---> Update: The BlogPoll (Week 2) is here.

My vote for this week's BlogPoll is below.

Noting too crazy. I have Boise State ranked high- but again, they have 12-1 written all over them, plus they're a real hard challenge to a Big East style champion in a BCS game. I have East Carolina pretty high also- but as of two C-USA voices in the poll, I'm not apologizing. Some folks have Mizzou higher too- but what can I say, I'm not sure they're better than Texas (particularly traveling there) or Kansas?

I moved Alabama down because, and I can't believe I am writing this, Tulane exposed their offense (particularly at quarterback) and how to defend them more than a little.

And any of my top three SEC teams would play a more credible BCS Championship game than many recent representatives of non-SEC schools.

3Southern Cal--
6Oklahoma 1
7Kansas 1
8Ohio State 2
9East Carolina 14
10Texas 3
11Texas Tech--
12Missouri 3
13Boise State 4
14Alabama 4
15Penn State 1
16Wisconsin 2
17Clemson 3
18Tennessee 1
19Florida State 1
20Illinois 1
21Brigham Young 1
22Oregon 4
23Utah 3
25Vanderbilt 1

Dropped Out: West Virginia (#12), South Carolina (#17), Mississippi (#25).