Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Sami Says Good-Bye

One of my favorite Flyers and Finns, Sami Kapanen, hung them up yesterday. Ed Barkowitz writes:
The defining moment of Kapanen's Flyers' career came in the 2004 playoffs. It was overtime of Game 6 when a nasty series against the Maple Leafs became legendary.

Toronto's Darcy Tucker leveled Kapanen with a fierce check that left Kapanen woozy. Had Kapanen stayed down, play would have been whistled dead. Instead, he stumbled toward the bench, falling twice, but allowed the frenetic pace of play to continue. Shortly after Keith Primeau used a stick to literally reel Kapanen to safety, Jeremy Roenick scored the game-winning goal.
Here is the hit:

And here is the series winning goal
- only later did we find out the price Sami had paid to keep the play alive: