Thursday, May 22, 2008


I really don’t know what to say about Tulane’s opening round loss to Marshall- other than, in life, a little gumption and “want to” goes a long way. The Herd shamed Tulane good- both in season and in the tournament. We’ll see how the players respond today in the loser’s bracket.

Tulane played way too many games against them this year where Tulane thought it was an exhibition. Marshall never thought it was a show.

If they don’t make the tournament this year, if I were Jones, I would spend a year putting a little “want to” in this group: turn off the air conditioning, get rid of the amenities, end the fluff.

If there ever was a group that needed a kick in the butt, this is it. Being spotted Shooter Hunt for an entire season, and failing to make the tournament, equals underachieving.

And if anyone wants to critque this blog vis-a-vis class, check out the remnants of this post.

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