Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Pithy Summation

Tulane was eliminated last night by Florida State. Eliminate is sort of kind word for the beating we received- so the less said about that the better.

I wrote in the comments in the post below that, when you get beat by ten runs twice, it is hard to point to tactical reasons that you lost: can’t get bunts down, made errors, should have taken this pitcher out earlier, etc. Tulane got beat because Florida State is much better; our club might not have two position players start for the Seminoles.

In summation, our play in the tournament, particularly the win over Florida, coupled with the late season sweep of ECU, brands Tulane as in, just out or somewhere around the Top 25 programs in the country.

The really pretty uncompetitive nature of our late series with Rice and games here with the Seminoles suggest a gap between Tulane and the true elites of this sport.

Really that is it.

As to the gap, I’m sure the pitching is gonna get roasted. But I’m a little contrary there. To me, the gap seems particularly wide in the everyday position players’ capacity to hit.

It seems like you can sort these I-A college pitchers into two buckers: can and can’t, orderly and disorderly. I look as these scores roll in- and these top ten teams routinely put up double digits against pitchers that are “can’t” or are disorderly. And everyone seems to eventually run out of pitching. It seems to win these third and fourth and fifth games you gotta be able to put up big numbers frequently- beat FSU 12-10, not 4-1.

I dunno; I’m okay with it. Again, Tulane got what we wanted- a “steal one and advance” situation with Florida State- an all upside regional final. Okay, it didn’t work out. But it was fun- a chance to be a fan rather than a whinger. Considering that a week ago we were sweating just getting in, a pretty fortuitous week.

And winning these games helps going forward- anything that makes winning post-season games seem “regular” and routine is beneficial. Post-Katrina, we need more regular and routine.

And that is all I gotta say about that.

Yo! Coach Toledo. You’re up. Unfortunately big boy, I’m in a lot more foul mood about you.

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