Friday, May 30, 2008

Bring On Florida

The Tulane Green Wave opens the NCAA baseball Tournament against Florida this very afternoon (1PM) versus the Florida Gators.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be on television anywhere? No CSTV link on the Tulane website. That stinks.

But it is still appropriate to get real ready: open the window, let the sunshine in, boot up Gametracker, find that Loverboy’s “Get Lucky” album and crank up “Working For The Weekend”. I only worry that the Gators don’t call us names coming off the bus and that the air conditioning is working in the team hotel. Yes, they are our team- but the Wave seemingly needs a glide path to success.

Odds update:

Florida State Even
Florida 9 to 2
Tulane 10 to 1
Bucknell 75 to 1

Florida is exactly where they opened- but FSU started at 17 to 10- and has gained almost solely at Tulane’s expense (the Wave opened at 11/2).

I dunno- 10 to 1 seems like a real good price to me. I mean, I would not be shocked if they “won” the winners bracket (and thus probably the regional)- that just isn’t a 10 to 1 event, particularly with Shooter pitching one of the first two games.

Lastly, North Carolina is the biggest regional fave at 1-2 (ie bet $2 to win $1). LSU and FSU are the only other even money or better favorites.

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