Saturday, May 17, 2008


This post is simply a “for the record” exercise. Big Brown destroyed the Kentucky Derby field from a horrid post- and by any analysis is the best here. He figures to be at odds of 1-2: very fair. Basically, you’re taking some risk that he doesn’t fire- not one of this crew figures to beat his honest effort.

The price scares me off. So I’ll play small cold exacta: Big Brown with Behindatthebar. I’ll also play Behindatthebar to win. I don’t have any sort of secret crush on Behindatthebar- but he always fires (albeit on the synthetic surfaces so far- and all "run on plastic" horses finished well back at Churchill Downs), his trainer Fletcher is a pro. I figure he’ll run as honest as any- be around the finish- and pay nicely if he gets a chance to pick up the pieces should Big Brown take the afternoon off.

-->FLASH! Behindatthebar is out on the Preakness. I don't know. I guess Gayego on the exacta and to win- but even smaller now.

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