Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When Does Rice Get Here?


The stupid New York Post puts the stupid Tulsa Golden Hurricane -5 over Tulane. Now, Tulsa is by no means a disaster. They feature a decent road win at Colorado in the last two weeks, a tough road loss in multiple overtime to UCF.

But the line surely indicates the good bloom is off the Wave’s quality start. At 0-2 in League play, tonight game in Oklahoma is probably the proverbial “must win” for either the 20-win season or 10-win conference season expected after Tulane roared to a 10-4 start- with positive wins over St John’s, Georgia, Auburn and Louisiana State

The schedule certainly lightens up some; Rice and SMU frankly can’t get here fast enough. But .500 in C-USA could be a fifty-fifty proposition with a loss tonight.

Tulane finished fourth in the League last year, winning ten games. But obviously, C-USA is up from the utter train wreck it was last year. Concerning the NCAA tournament, they’re probably on track to get back to being a multiple bid League: UTEP or Houston could join Memphis with a 14-2 League mark. One will get there. Another outfit might get in the NIT- which leaves the League in the running for four post-season teams.

As indicated above, Tulane was in that top four mix last year- but obviously was no where near NIT level- so the League is better. It’ll be hard to march that ten win mark from last year- even though this year’s team is clearly better- for example: 3-0 versus the SEC- than last year’s outfit. Only this casual image of Jennifer Whittington- the reigning Miss Food City- is of solace.

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