Thursday, January 03, 2008

Trying to Stay Classy

Try to stay classy...try...try...

Forget it. Get bent Tigers! Honestly, there is no other way to put it, no cynical spin to put on Tulane’s tenth win of the season: 68-63 over the LSU Tigers. Perhaps befitting Tulane’s first win over the Tigers in the two major sports in 25 years, it was simply a great win, a dramatic win, an important win for a program that really- seriously- can aspire to credibility rather than disappointment. Coach put it succinctly: "What a great win for our basketball program. All of the guys really stepped up."

A hallmark of Dave Dickinson since he came here is the organization his teams show late in games. Again, this game with LSU came down to the last minute tied- and the Wave out-executed in crunch time. They made clutch shots, got all the rebounds, made a lot of foul shots in the second half.

This is just nothing to nit-pick about- a satisfying win to end a 25 year drought in the major sports versus a bitter arch-rival. All is sunny: a 3-0 record versus the SEC, 10-4 mark overall, real heady expectations (12 wins in conference? 24 wins overall?). Tulane’s over/under right now is something like 22.5 wins- which is just crazy!

I’m happy!