Saturday, January 12, 2008

Six and a Half?

Tulane is +6.5 over USM is this morning's NY Post- which seems crazy high to me. But admittedly, I know zero about Southern Miss- so maybe they’re actually preety good.

Still, that is unfortunate. Tulane is not catching many breaks with this early schedule- and an 0-2 League start would take some of the shine off the fine OOC start. Hard to see 11-5 (i.e. improved from last year), with Memphis still in the hole, if they lose today. So again, a conference game with some juice.

I will say, that with USM six-plus over Tulane, that obviously Vegas at least is willing to call some sort of renaissance in C-USA. The OOC schedule definitely proved Tulane was better than the bottom third- maybe even bottom half- of the SEC. This line suggests USM is too. Throw in UAB and Houston being in that same Tulane “class” or better. Memphis is obviously a national power.

Almost half the teams in our League might be near .500 or better in the South’s power conference- and Memphis would probably win it outright. And this League, with four, five outfits going to win 20 games- might have enough RPI juice to get a second team in the NCAA. And getting our League back to multiple bid status is a must for all the teams in C-USA to move forward.

And of course- a tout toward one of my favorite blogs- and fellow BlogPoll alum (representing Southern Miss).