Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Juiced For LSU

Amidst all the college football hype and attention, the Tulane fan tonight shuts off the plethora of bowl choices and will gather around his scratchy internet feed. Tonight Tulane tries to put a cap on one of the nicer, quieter stories of mid-major college basketball. The Wave gets a chance to run its record to 10-4- and further sweep a trio of out of conference basketball games versus the SEC.

Yes, the Louisiana State Tigers are due in New Orleans.

I got to admit; I’m juiced for this game. It is why you are a Green Wave fan in spite of incredulous odds and many disappointments: a real winnable toss-up (LSU -2 over the Wave)with a bitter, ancient rival. Plus, while it is possible to point at intangible Toledo-style “improvements”- even dopes like me get the tangible ones: winning. And whipping these guys is a real tangible move forward for the program. Plus, oh so very satisifying.

You can become comfortable with losing. I know I do it concerning Tulane. One can be too accustomed to finding silver linings that you forget to look for the actual sunshine. I was talking to a friend about the NFL season: he is fired up about the ‘skins 9-7 mark; I’m crushingly disappointed in the Eagles’ 8-8. Which of the two mentalities is akin to the Tulane football community? As opposed to Tulane baseball?

Not tonight though. There is sunshine out there Tulane. Be greedy. Win the game.

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