Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm Liberating Myself

I have nothing intelligent to say about the death of Sean Taylor- so I refer you to Jerry's Wheelhouse- who are going to do a better job with that story than I could ever do. I will say- that contrary to the sentiment there- I think the Redskins should definitely play- for reasons somewhat similar to the ones here.

As to things I can do, this is the ballot I’m submitting to this week’s BlogPoll. I have decided to liberate myself- and give in to a dark fact. Frankly, I am convinced the SEC is head and shoulders above everyone else. With three weeks to prepare, LSU and Georgia would kill West Virginia and Missouri. I doubt anyone other than Ohio State could navigate the an SEC slate with fewer than two losses. So I’m voting that way:

1Georgia 2
2LSU 1
3West Virginia 4
4Missouri 2
5Ohio State 1
6Virginia Tech 2
7Oklahoma 3
8Florida 3
9Southern Cal 3
10Kansas 8
11Tennessee 4
12Boston College 5
13Arizona State 8
14Auburn 4
15Hawaii 7
16Illinois 3
17Clemson 3
18Texas 5
19Wisconsin 4
20Virginia 6
21Oregon 12
22Brigham Young 4
23Tulsa 2
24Central Florida--
25Arkansas 1

Dropped Out: Boise State (#16), Kentucky (#21).