Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Who On Earth is Doak Walker?

The Doak Walker finalist list is out- and young Matt Forte did not make the list. It is disappointing. I mean, if this campaign isn't enough to get a mid-major player on the list, what is? Rushing for 2500 yards?

If "winning" is so important for MVP style awards- these other three characters all play for three of the most disappointing teams in the country this year. Michigan wins eight games no matter who plays TB there. We don't win any- let alone four- without Forte.

Also, the season isn't over. What if Forte goes for 300 yet again this weekend- picks up a third “national” style player of the week award- leads Tulane to a big conference upset and a fifth win on a club most pundits picked to win two at best? Longshot of course- but not a crazy one. No Pirate fan would pass out from surprise.

Okay, McFadden, Hart and Rice are all superior unreal players. Period. There is no lay-up argument to replace one with Forte.

But these awards break "ties" in favor of power leagues and past resumes. Yes, all three of these guys were superior players last year as well; Forte was a semi-plus C-USA back who missed games. I am not arguing that any of these three guys ought not be on the list- but since college football intelegensia can't break the habit of breaking ties blindly via assessing past accomplishments and participation in a BCS League- just simply stop. Voters ought to be given all the options. Forte isn’t the best running back in the college- but he is arguably the most valuable. And I do wish we had some sort of clue of just what a mid-major player needs to do to get considered: rush for 3000 yards? what if Matt actually levitated through force of will and flew for fifty TDs? would that then be enough?

Of course, NFL teams could care less what the press and college hanger-ons thinks of these guys as college players- so it isn't costing Matt anything. At this point, Matt is all about the combines and all-star games. The LSU game aside, he's a "competition" risk- so he's going to have to prove he can run, lift, practice, play etc. like and with the power league guys. If I were him, I'd be breaking in my track shoes for the 40 now.

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