Monday, September 17, 2007

Anne Sullivan Assumes Command

Tulane’s loss to Houston Saturday was not unexpected. Neither maybe was the completely uncompetitive nature of the defeat. But the moronic, dirty play was dispiriting- the multiple quarterbacks sandwiched between endless personal fouls- so I’m sour on the head coach today. I'm just not getting the Bob Toledo thing. I was never crazy about it- always thought he was more the best we could do, rather than the best- and I am getting less crazy by the week.

I realize it is only two games- so the sample size is small and incomplete. However, good portions of the Tulane community spent the summer lauding Bob Toledo as a modern day Anne Sullivan- and I don’t see it. Just where is that the legion of fans who went on and on and on about what a great job Coach Anne, I mean Bob Toledo, was doing. The sharp players enjoying sharp practices- improving leaps and bounds over what that idiot Scelfo could do?

In Tulane land, people are whining over some bad behavior by Houston after a Tulane injury... but you know, I'd be a lot more sympathetic if the Wave did not spend then evening committing seemingly endless late hit, poor sportsmanship type fouls. If Tulane needs ideas on picking up an easy 60 yards of field position, how about looking into that? Tulane played a pretty dirty, ill-disciplined game- both with penalties and turnovers.

I guess my point is that Scelfo could be pilloried for failing to gather and/or elevate the talent pool- why does Bob get a total and utter pass? His first class was largely devoid of guys who would get long looks at, say, Troy State- and he sure as heck hasn't elevated the roster so far.

The good news is that Anne ain't gettin' a pass here. Be fair. If you were on here or here or here last year hollering about how players didn't improve, the team was undisciplined and Scelfo was a game day idiot... well, what part of the game day experience is better? point to one player who has improved? one game-time area that has been coached up? I realize Scelfo left little talent- but you know, on game day Chris seemed to find a way to play an on-field competitive game versus Mississippi State?

It isn’t enough to be undefeated in practice. Toledo has got to do better. And Coach Annie better figure something out this week.

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