Wednesday, August 29, 2007

World's Mightiest Human

Is Ryan Howard the mightiest human alive? Powerful evidence continues to emerge, particularly last night when Ryan lost one deep into the left field seats to bring glorious victory to the Phillies. Lost in the excitement was that Adam Eaton sort of looked like a major league pitcher for whole innings at a time- placing Jamie Moyer squarely on the pitch well or lose your spot carousel.

Mind you, we’re not cocky here at Frank Helps You Think It All Out. Four games is a lot to make up over thirty or so tilts- and the Padres increasingly look like they have their act together.

But we’re two sharp games away from putting some heat on those accursed Mets!

By the way, the last two nights are further testament to why Charlie is doing a good job. After a depressing start to this homestand- featuring very regular beatings in four of five games- they again put their spikes on, cobbled together whoever is healthy enough this week to pitch and play outfield- enough to salvage the last game with San Diego and turn the ballpark electric for tonight. No matter how far back or dead they look, the Phillies come to the ballpark again and again to try.