Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Gutless SEC

In 2006, the Liberty Bowl will feature a SEC v. C-USA match-up. I think we all know this. But the SEC has gutlessly insisted on an anti-competition measure- which we probably all knew, or at least anticipated, as well.

Get this, the deal "prohibits intrastate matchups or repeats of regular season matchups". So no Ole Miss-USM. Or Vandy-Memphis. The valiant SEC tradition of ducking motivated outfits operating on a tenth of their budget continues. Great day for them and the BCS peers. Yeah, I think you can call them "gutless" to their face- and realize probably everyone agrees with you.

The Executive Director of the Liberty Bowl suggests that it was a mixture of "animosity or reluctance" on the part of the SEC to play their in-state brethren. You think?

Cowardice. Shame. Is this what college sports is about?

You can see the article in the Memphis Commercial Appeal. Or information