Wednesday, September 21, 2005

BlogPoll4 is out

I am clearing the decks over here for the upcoming weekend of college football. Anything to distract me from the fact the Phillies are playing well against a brutal stretch of divisional games- while Houston is cruising playing a bunch of cream puffs. C'mon Pirates. Dig in a little here. Show some pride in that uniform.

The Wave is posted at -4 over SMU. I believe this is the first time Tulane has been a "more than a field goal road favorite" since September 2003- when they were at Army. No formal prediction yet- but right now, I am unfortunately leaning toward the Mustangs. One of my links below has a good Mustang blog- check it out.

Speaking of blogging, the latest BlogPoll is out- you can visit it here.

I continue my love affair with the loaded SEC this week. It is kind of a shame that the winner of this league does not appear to be forecasted to get the BCS title game- as Texas and USC ought to be able to run the table. I punish the Big East regularly- as it displeases me.

Cal is the clear darling of this week's poll- despite the fact I bet a lot of my peers couldn't name two starters. I doubt the Bears could win five SEC games- but I do have them in at #25. I also dropped Penn State- I wanted to believe but I just don't. My ballot is below. You can see the votes of my peers here.

1 Southern Cal: one of two locks for the BCS
2 Texas: zero excuses now for not playing for a national title for this group
3 Georgia
4 Florida State:
5 Louisville: the other BCS lock- outside of Louisville, the Big East is better than C-USA because…
6 Florida:
7 Louisiana State: beat Tennessee and I’ll believe
8 Virginia Tech
9 Purdue
10 Georgia Tech
11 Ohio State: San Diego State? play Cal-Davis- then we’ll believe
12 Tennessee
13 Miami (Florida)
14 Notre Dame: 8-3 would be outstanding for this group- probably #23 or so at season’s end
15 Alabama
16 Virgina
17 Texas Tech
18 Michigan State: can score the ball
19 Michigan: Notre Dame loss at home doesn’t seem so courageous this week either
20 UTEP: can score in bunches- a must in C-USA where the best teams go north of 40 a lot.
21 Iowa
22 Iowa State
23 Arizona State
24 Clemson
25 California: wouldn’t win three SEC games