Saturday, September 17, 2005

Can we free Patrick Ramsey yet?

Can we free Patrick Ramsey yet?

It isn’t like the poor guy killed anybody. Must he humiliated like this? He is a Tulane graduate after all- entitled to respect. Even the accused felons on the Redskins get better treatment.

To me, there are three pertinent facts here:

First, Ramsey clearly has not shown enough to be guaranteed a starting spot.

Second, Joe Gibbs has done a horrible job with the quarterbacking in DC since the day he returned- and he frankly compounded his stupidity by promising Ramsey a substantial look this year when clearly he didn’t plan to. In other words, he lied. I can't see any other way around it. To be fair, there is no reason to expect Ramsey to trust or respect Gibbs any longer. Gibbs clearly doesn't trust or respect Ramsey.

Third, Ramsey has been pretty okay at times. Certainly he has shown enough to get a second chance elsewhere in this league- where even adequate quarterbacking is hard to find.

The only just conclusion I can come up with is that Ramsey has got to go. Gibbs was a great coach- but he has screwed this up- and compounds it by humiliating a kid who by all accounts is a nice person. Time to show some class and to let him go Joe.

If I were Ramsey, I’d ask for my release quietly. And if they wouldn’t give it to me, I’d ask for it publicly. He's got a contract- so he has to show up and do his best. But there is enough here that he can ask for a divorce.