Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Lions "Roar"?


There is no line on Saturday’s game- as Tulane football really kind of, sort of discredits itself- and steps down to play a I-AA opponent. Something called the Southeast Louisiana Lions, I think. I might be wrong. I know nothing about them- but their rep is that they can score for a I-AA team. Maybe. I guess. All I know is it would be a disater to lose in this spot.

Prediction Thursday lacks some spark without a spread. As to the "live football exhibition", I think Tulane can pretty much dictate just how bad they want to smack these guys. Coach Scelfo can probably win by as many or as few as he wants.

I really hate these games. You know, I have very few problems with the nature and orientation of Tulane football. I'm okay with the coach, our attendance, our league, etc. I get most of what is going on.

But I detest these I-AA games. They are a rip-off. Tulane plays'em only to get a game day gate without reciprocal visits- which is unfair and petty. It smacks of bloated public education- and Tulane ought to aspire to more than that.

I-AA opponents are uninteresting & uncompetetive 97 times out of 100- which rips off the fans who pay to see a real contest. Worse, the players only get 44 chances to play in a career- and four are frequently taken away- just so Tulane can get a sixth home game more years than not?

This game is an exhibition passed off as a fair contest. It is fraud. I know everyone does it now- and I-AA programs must like the money. But like everything in this country done just for money in sports- the BCS, free agency, NFL exhibition games, ending traditional rivalries- it stinks and makes sport worse.

As to the "game", I’d like to see three things:

First, no one gets hurt. The game is a joke; it’d be a darn shame to lose someone important to the Wave’s campaign during it.

Second, I’d like for the defense to look sharp. Not just stop the Lions- but smother the run, keep their point total down to a minimum. Keep looking “even” and “efficient”- like they care every snap. Pick up some style points.

Lastly, really exercise the offense. Don’t just get a 24-point lead and milk the clock. Run a lot of plays, get a look at the two-minute drill, give Ricard 25 chances to throw the ball. There are a lot of new skill people catching balls around here- make them exercise the concept.

Normally, you’d want to see Elliot get a look-see here. But I’d almost rather see Ricard handle a lot of snaps. He’s got a lot of talent- but he still seems raw and hesitant at times. So give him every chance to grow, build confidence, while in the I-AA Yellow Submarine.

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