Thursday, September 02, 2010

Prediction Thursday

Sorry I have been out of the loop for a bit, but the home computer experienced the blue screen of death after years of faithful service to Frank Helps You Think It All Out. Hard to believe.

Equally hard to believe is the fact that Tulane kicks off its campaign tonight! We have an FCS opponent: SE Louisiana.

The Wave community seems more sanguine about this years FCS tune up. Last year, something near panic was in evidence. PRAY-diction Thursday some wag on called it.

McNeese State was a top FCS program- and there was some legit concern that perhaps the top of FCS overlapped with the very bottom of BCS football. But Tulane won more handily than the final score indicated:
The Wave never was in danger of losing- took the lead in the second quarter for good, had a second half lead of three scores (42-25). McNeese never had the ball in the fourth quarter with a chance to go ahead- and a cosmetic score made the game look closer than it really was.
There is no off-shore line that I can find, but I'm pretty sure Tulane ought to be able to handle this spot in style. I like a lot of the intangibles too- over what ought to be a pretty big talent disparity.

First game of the season- the BCS programs have more time and opportunity to be "ready" for prime time. Home game for Tulane- the Dome is a little weird to play in the first time. And they ought to be focused... while it is sort of an exhibition, it is a "show me or get fired" season for the professionals. Tulane just can't lose- it is a must game. And I believe everyone knows that.

Plus, as I have opined, I think the Wave offense is just better than a lot of folks give them credit for. In the second half of the season last year, if they could control the opposition's offensive line, they could score. Tulane had better be able to block these FCS guys- and Albert Williams has as much ability as any average C-USA player (Anderson?).

McNeese State was an FCS power last year- and got beaten. SE Louisiana is simply not an FCS power- they'll get handled tonight.

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