Monday, August 23, 2010


Below I have posted my 2010 pre-season ballot for this year's BlogPoll. The poll should be out this afternoon.

Some housekeeping first. The poll has moved from CBS Sports over to SB Nation. I gather there were two reasons for this. First, it fits better at SB Nation- probably the leading sports blog "collector" concern. Second, CBS Sports might be a more prestigious address- but they weren't doing much to promote the product.

Anyway the new site has a good look to it- and a lot more good blogs voting. It is encouraging. I was an inaugural voter years ago- and I'm impressed how it has grown. The most obvious alumni is here- Dr. Saturday. But page through the blogs- some good work being done.

I like Nebraska as a surprise outfit this year. If you had to pick a team almost guaranteed to be in its conference championship game- the 'huskers would be at the top of the list. Texas and Missouri are home games, no Oklahoma.

Conversely, I don't like Florida State- they will disappear from the national top 25 by September 12 (@ Oklahoma).

Southern Cal has many distractions- but Oregon, Cal and the Irish are home games. 10-2 almost seems like a floor.

The Irish sneak in. They have top forty talent, a better coach and a manageable schedule. There are eight wins there.

Houston is my pick for C-USA champion- a traditional automatic vote on this C-USA representing blog. Temple might be the most likely team in the country to win nine games- and I think they get ten.

Down year for the Big East. I love Miami's talent- my ACC pick. They have a brutal early season three-in-a-row on the road: Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Clemson- but watch, they'll get two. Florida State and Virginia Tech are home games. Outside of the SEC, they might be the only team in the country that can lose three and still be Top Ten.