Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Even More Accountability

This year's pre-season BlogPoll is on tap. No link yet- some bugs are apparently being worked out, as well as a new host other than CBS Sports.

Now, Frank Helps You Think It All Out is about nothing if not accountability.

So before we submit this year’s pre-season BlogPoll, continued respect to the readership means a look at how last year’s pre-season picks turned out. (2008 look back is here)

This is my ballot top fifteen from last year- versus the final AP:

Rank Team
1 Florida (finished #3)
2 Texas (2)
3 Alabama (1)
4 Southern Cal (22)
5 Mississippi (20)
6 Penn State (9)
7 Oklahoma (others receiving votes)
8 Boise State (4)
9 LSU (17)
10 Georgia (others receiving votes)
11 Utah (18)
12 Miami (Florida) (19)
13 Ohio State (5)
14 North Carolina (others receiving votes)
15 Oregon (11)

Not too bad, right. Top three was pretty status quo, but it worked.

Oklahoma was the big miss- but Georgia and LSU missed the Top 15 only by generating too many inter-SEC losses. Put your hand in the air if you think they were much worse than the AP's final number 14 (Nebraska) and 15 (Pittsburgh).

Miami was my touted surprise- and Randy Shannon's group was for a little while.

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