Wednesday, December 03, 2008

CBS Sports

Frank Helps You Think It All Out is in Vatican City right now- but we took the time to get our ballot in for the poll. Accordingly, this week's BlogPoll is over on CBS Sports.

The great debate is over whether Oklahoma or Texas deserves the spot in the Big 12 Championship game as a stepping stone to the national title. I come down with Texas- just cause I'm part of the church that says head-to-head is the best tie-breaker. No doubt that is the best tie-breaker between a pair of teams- thus I am not shy to use it here. Plus, I used to work for Mack Brown at Tulane- so I'm partial to the old man.

However, the Big 12 morass is a three way tie, so their proposed solution seems as good as any other. I'm not confident Mizzou will bail them out either. I always thought Mizzou was the weakest of the big four- and thus a candidate for four-five losses. And I'm not backing off that now.

1Alabama --
2Florida --
3Texas --
4Oklahoma --
5Texas Tech --
6Southern Cal --
7Boise State 1
8Utah 1
9Penn State 2
10Ohio State 2
11Ball State 2
12Oklahoma State 2
13TCU 1
14Georgia 7
15Oregon 6
16Cincinnati 1
17Michigan State 1
18Brigham Young 1
19Boston College 1
20Oregon State 4
21Mississippi 2
22Missouri 7
23Northwestern 1
24Rice --
25Tulsa 1

Dropped Out: LSU (#25).