Monday, November 03, 2008

BlogPoll for November

While most of American wrestles with the McCain-Obama match-up, the less sentient among us are wrestling over the Alabama, Penn State and Texas Tech conundrum. Below is my vote for this week's Poll- which you'll be to visit at CBS Sports shortly after noon.

Man, it is a deep one. In the end, I went with the Crimson Tide and Red Raiders. The Big Ten is an outright weak league this year. I'm not sure Penn State's undefeated season would be replicated in the Big 12 or SEC- whereas Alabama and Texas Tech are, in fact, running the table. If those teams navigate their remaining slate, win their League title game, I think Penn State will be shut out. Unfair- but probably the best we pollsters can do with the materials at hand. Fortunately for the Lions, I doubt both will, in fact, win out.

I did vote for West Virginia- despite just knowing they'll lose twice more before all is said and done- because I'm weak. I desperately want to shut the Big East out entirely- bring the BCS down to C-USA standards, since the League doesn't seem to be able to get up.

And I'm not voting for Notre Dame any more- unless they win every game they play between now and mid-October 2009.

1Alabama 1
2Texas Tech 6
3Penn State --
4Texas 3
5Florida --
6Oklahoma --
7Southern Cal --
8Boise State 1
9Oklahoma State 1
10Utah 2
11TCU 2
12Ohio State 2
13Ball State 3
14Georgia 10
15Brigham Young --
16LSU 3
17North Carolina 3
18Maryland 3
19Michigan State 3
20California 6
21Georgia Tech 5
22Missouri 3
23Tulsa 12
24Northwestern 2
25West Virginia 1

Dropped Out: Florida State (#17), Minnesota (#18), Oregon (#23), Notre Dame (#24).