Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Pithy Summation For June?

From June 6th til the end of the month, the Phillies are/were scheduled to play 21 games. Five road series: ATL, FLA, STL, OAK, TEX- and a short home stand: BOS, LAA

If you have the Phils at something like 91-71, a pretty rational mark, that is a .560 team. So, let’s be be fair. This stretch, fifteen road games with real brutal travel, featuring many real good clubs- well, a .560 team probably plays a couple under .500 more often than not.

Right now, they’re 7-10 in that stretch- with the top of the rotation scheduled to deal with Texas.

The homestand probably was a bit ugly, a little “slump”. But this is no crisis- this is what 91 wins looks like.

Or maybe I'm cocky cause the Phillies finally won one last night?