Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Losing Continues Apace

Last night, the Phillies lost to Oakland- that is six losses in a row if you’re counting- in their first game on this road trip. That is a huge leg up toward losing their fifth straight series loss- and their forth series loss in four tries against the American League.

I know I’ve had about enough of this American League medicine. The Phillies are 2-8 in inter-league play, the Marlins are 5-8, and the Mets have looked gross versus Seattle so far. I’ve watched the Mariners in this series; they honestly might be .500 in NL East.

I dunno. It is hard to watch any of the “top” team in NL East- the Phillies, Marlins and Mets- and think they’d be competitive for anything in the American League. Maybe that it is why I am not exactly panicked. I feel pretty okay conceding decent American League outfits are better than the Phillies. But there better than the Mets and Marlins too- and the NL East status quo will reassert once these beating are fully administered.