Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Very Heartening

My hero Dick Jerardi is picking C-USA as a two-bid League!

Very heartening Dick! Our League being “good” makes it easier for Tulane to be good. And losing that one-bid reputation, as quickly as our League got it, is important.

Tulane’s problems are many- but fairly, some are not of our making: a.k.a. the League.

To get C-USA to a level where it produces four/five teams credibly in the Top 75 programs in the country (i.e. playing somewhere in the post-season) is a huge part and parcel of Tulane consistently fielding the same Top 75, NIT/NCAA program, we used to. The League has to move past Memphis and a bunch of awfulness.

Get two in the show, and the NIT moves down a team too. Rather than the two and three seed going, the three and four go.

Plus, it isn’t all some trick. The League is better this year. An 8-8 Tulane team is probably equal the team that went 10-6 last year. Getting a second bid makes it easier to get the second bid next year- particularly if Houston (or another at large conference tournament winner) does get in and win a game. Leagues get a reputation- we need to change our League back to a routine multiple bid league

A healthy League generating good teams makes it easier for Tulane to continue toward relevance in this sport.