Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Ask Mr. B!

A re-occuring feature of this blog is an opportunity to ask the wise Mr. B (the sage plush toy pictured just right) any question concerning the future. Today's question: what is up with Tulane's recuiting class?

Today is National Letter of Intent Day. So of course, welcome to all new Tulane commitments.

They might notice the Tulane community a little out of sorts- as a certain languor has fallen watching many of this incoming classes key members de-commit in the past 24-48 hours: Mackey, Roussel, etc. According to the popular services, the class has tumbled from one of the best in C-USA to near the bottom in just two days.

This plush toy is no fan of Toledo- and yesterday I sat here trying to think of something mischievous to write. But the problem is that this situation just isn’t funny anymore. Toledo needs a “win for the program”- some real tangible sign of progress, not just more promises. Coach needs his Antietam- a victory that means something tangible and good going forward- particularly since the omens for “on-field” 2008 aren’t good.

I bought last season’s “Toledo will help attendance and program interest” agenda- and promised I wouldn’t be snookered by such a fake carrot again.

But, in spite of myself, I became optimistic on this recruiting thing. Rabbits know zero about recruiting, so I was definitely vulnerable to happy talk. And everyone seemed optimistic. Again, some services had our class up pretty high vis-à-vis C-USA peers. A few recruits passed the “who else is interested test?”

I even had a pretty conciliatory post for this blog entry- with some optimism that this was the first “really tangible, with genuine independent evidence, victory for the regime.”

The tone changed. And rabbits everywhere are disappointed.

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