Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Wave Unfortunately Struggles

Look- a win is a win is a win. Even if it awful and with no style. Even if you deserve to lose. The off-shore joints had Tulane around -18 in this spot- so they were close to the consensus- until the final seconds. They never trailed; they led by two scores for a lot of the fourth quarter. So let’s not get too crazy punking our boys. The defense did okay- and SE Louisiana has a rep to be pretty okay on offense.

Still, it was a bad day for the eight-win crowd. An inconsistent quarterback, plus a collection of tailbacks that cannot generate the cartoon numbers needed in C-USA to be successful, is troubling for all but the most fanatic.

I didn’t see the game. That being said- the offense apparently played poorly enough, or at least inconsistent enough, to make this a real adventure. And the Lions were clearly geeked for this contest. Still, it was nice to prove a Louisiana team could, in fact, not only protect a late lead, but win a game, in Death Valley.

This game is clearly a blow to the “Ricard for the Unitas Award” crowd and the group that is convinced our tailback situation is a plus.

I’m awful hard on Ricard. I know that. But the guy, well, he has to be better- more mature, more consistent, more quarterback-ish. He clearly has all the physical tools. But the only way the Lions were going to be in this was if Tulane fed them bad turnovers- and Ricard, bless him, is a turnover machine- particularly in either red zone.

I don’t know what to say at this point really. The wide-outs produce the required numbers. The offensive line played pretty well in most spots last year- and is largely intact. I find it hard to believe they have suddenly forgotten how to play. So what is up?

I’m hard on the quarterback because he can play! See UAB last year. See Navy. But he has to start treating every snap, every throw, like it is important. He just doesn’t. And to win even six games, they need eight solid starts this year from him. So far, the Wave has gotten one. Kind of.

The tailback situation...well, even the most devout Forte fans have got to admit they are now hanging their hopes on one Army game- an outfit that allowed 240+ rushing per I-A game last year- and a good half against Navy. Jovon is Jovon- an average C-USA back when he’s playing well (admittedly most of the time). Maybe the line didn’t block people today- but they had to block extremely poorly to get that kind of performance from the rushing attack today. Plus, Scelfo voted with his play-calling, right? Pass after pass after pass- even protecting a lead late. Be honest, what has Forte shown this year, in three games, to show he deserves sixteen carries at the expense of Ducre or Jovon? Anything?

Still, they won the game- and still are on pace to have a winning season. But the quarterback has to give more- and they need to re-think how to attack teams on the ground.