Wednesday, September 14, 2005

BlogPoll is out

Have you ever seen the movie Bowfinger? It isn’t terrible- but today I find myself dwelling on its key fundamental lesson: Kit. Keep It Together. The Irish went into Michigan, smacked the Wolverines hard in their own House and made them say “Yes sir!”. Now I am finding it increasingly hard to not poke my head outside and scream “I want USC #!%* tomorrow!”

It is Week 4 now- and Tulane and Notre Dame are still undefeated.

The prestigous BlogPoll is out this morning:

My ballot is as follows:

1 Southern Cal- The only shame here is their QB could star in Disney’s “Ice Princess 2”
2 Tennessee- The Vols please me
3 Texas- Why yes, I had Oklahoma #3 pre-season and now I am punishing those dumb Okies
4 Georgia- SEC is loaded- particularly the top
5 Florida State
6 Louisville- if Pitt is any example, no one can touch them in the Big Least
7 Florida
8 Louisiana State- Just not sold on the Tigers’ coach in a real big spot
9 Notre Dame- Still can’t imagine ND not losing three games, but the resume is great so far
10 Virginia Tech
11 Purdue- Moving up by default- this in probably not a top ten team end of season
12 Ohio State- No shame is losing to my old Tulane boss Mack Brown
13 Miami (Florida)
14 Georgia Tech
15 Boston College
16 Texas Tech
17 Michigan- Frauds: ND just isn’t that good to be allowed to come and whip you in your house
18 Virginia
19 UTEP- watch out Miners, Tulane is coming!
20 Iowa
21 Clemson- Tommy Bowden might be the greatest living American
22 Iowa State
23 Arizona State- I just don’t think the Tigers are that good
24 Penn State- I really want to believe
25 Toledo- they deserve votes, pure and simple

You can see the other ballots here.