Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Miles the Monster

Now with only four days til Dover, I feel I am beginning to lose control.

According to the website, Dover International Speedway has been "working diligently in a secret underground laboratory beneath the track to put the finishing touches on its all-new monster action figure." The new movable action figure, on sale for just $ 10, will be available this June 3-5, 2005 only at Dover International Speedway. And it can be purchased at official Dover International Speedway souvenir trailers on the property. NASCAR is so good to us.

Nicknamed “Miles the Monster,” the 8-inch tall action figure can hold a 1:64 scale car in its hand. It can also be signed, and is perfect for collecting autographs at the track. It appears Miles has taken an instant dislike to the treacherous Jeff Gordon. Shake him up Miles!

“We’ve captured the ultimate essence of the Monster Mile in our new action figure,” said Jerry Miraglia, executive vice president of Dover Motorsports, Inc. “We wanted to create a figure that embodied the strength and toughness of our track. The new Action Performance figure will give our fans something they can take home to remind them of their experience at the Monster Mile.”