Thursday, March 17, 2005

Winning Serves Only To Annoy Me

Did you see the write-up on Tulane's official website this morning about last night's 8-4 win over Texas Southern?:

Of the 10 free passes issued by Texas Southern, including a hit batsmen in the third, five came around to touch the paystation.

Touch the paystation? Sounds like my old GIs in Frankfurt on weekend pass again.

Good to see Dini participating in the offense again- drawing a key walk. We must see him play every single day. Every single day people.

Of course, Billy Mohl came in and got bunches of outs- it is what he does. He better have been darn hurt over last weekend- because, in case no one noticed, Tulane needed more outs bad.

Lastly, did you see the Rochestie quote in the T-P:
"I was really surprised, and I'm really upset," said Rochestie. "I'd heard rumors that (Finney) was being watched closely during the season, but I really didn't think it was going to happen. I think the potential for next year is very, very high."
Very, very high? It makes you wonder if he was actually paying attention last season- or merely retarded.