Thursday, February 24, 2005

Our Savior: Andy Kennedy

After Finney's richly deserved termination in a week, the Tulane community needs to select a replacement. Frankly, Tulane has some problems. This job is not as attractive as when we hired Finney. The building had been full rather ecently then- it is increasingly empty now. Perry had success- there is only a sort of increasingly tendacious mediocrity now. Probably the only thing in common in the talent cupboard is bare.

So the Wave needs to over-achieve making this selection. Tulane needs to find a guy who might not normally consider the Green Wave- but due to circumstances fits right in.

I nominate this guy, Andy Kennedy- the number one assistant in Cincinnati. I am convinced that Kennedy, as opposed to other fantastic suggestions on chat boards and such, is a guy who could arguably come in here right now and fix things.

First, Kennedy is a fantastic recruiter. Fantastic. Look at the Bearcats incoming classes the past three years: Holy Smokes! Yes, they could be mistaken for "speed bumps" intellectually. Yes, no one cares at Cincinnati if the players are dimwits who don't go to school. And yes, that is a problem at Tulane. But the fact that Tulane sort of does a great job in insisting kids go to school will mitigate that potential unpleasantness. And even if he loses a few kids- the talent upgrade for the Wave would be enormous.

Kennedy is an assistant- so he is somewhat affordable- important at Tulane.

He has lots of southern roots. He has already coached at two nearby southern stops- and he played ball at UAB. Seriously considered a USM job. He might just want to come to Tulane- a key part of a good basketball marriage.

Plus, this scandal, where he calls out Perry Clark, makes me cheer. You have to read down a bit. It is embarassing- but ultimately harmless.

Kennedy recruits nationally- and Tulane is still in a semi-power league- we need to learn how.

This is a guy Tulane probably never would get normally: the top assistant to a Top 15 program. But that is what makes me crazy to get him. A lot of signs point to him potentially wanting to come back to this area: he has interviewed here, worked here, has family here, his interest in the USM thing, etc. And you can win here at Tulane; we're not a disaster. Perry did- and while I admire the job he did here, he's not a genius.

I just cannot find anything about Kennedy that does not make me want to personally drive him to New Orleans to interview.

His bio is here: