Saturday, March 12, 2005

Thank you sir, may I have another?

Well, it was a whipping- that is for sure. Real “yes sir, may I have another?” stuff.

Here are some trenchant observations. Not too much- as I gotta head over to football practice for this bizarre scrimmage Scelfo is apparently running today. I mean, heaven forbid the Wave have an actual Green-Blue game to drive a little interest. Oh- and let's also have our most "interesting" practice of the year on a day it is guaranteed to get no coverage- due to the goings-on over at Zephyr.

First, is "trenchant" really a word? The downside of attending Tulane is sometimes our superior vocabulary gets the better of us.

Second, the first six frames Bogusevic pitched pretty well. I don’t know enough about college ball to tell you about the quality of his stuff- and I admit you really have to be there to really gauge- but it looked like he was throwing easy and locating well. But CSF features a line-up that is "professional" in its approach: take a lot of pitches, work the count, spoil pitches, etc. He threw a lot of pitches to get his 19 outs. Maybe in April Bogusevic will be stretched out enough to take his stuff later in to the game- but the first few hitters in the seventh got really good swings at him.

Third, the game was still in reach- and had Tulane brought in one of their trusted, "quality arms"- like Mohl- Tulane might have lost by a respectable score. But I guess the Wave did not want to blow out its 'pen in a game where they were down a bunch late, against a pitcher they didn't seem close to figuring out- plus it was time to see Fairchild, a guy who has shown flashes after his surgery- in a spot that mattered.

But let's face it, had the Wave really needed those outs Friday night in a game that was still one-run/two run difference- I don't think Fairchild would ever see the ball in that spot.

Lastly, it is baseball, right? CSF throws a real dominant pitcher out there- a kid that appears ticketed to be drafted very high- and we cannot hit him. Tulane has a vulnerability here- as to this point- none of our starters has been lights out. I don’t know how the Wave wins a game- other than the pure vagaries of sport- where their guy is ticketed for the first or second round in the MLB draft? We don’t have that kind of pitching talent atop our rotation. And I would think, if Omaha is now the criteria for success this season, at some point we are going to have to beat a guy from Rice or Texas or wherever that is going to playing for the Phillies next year.

Vagaries- another Tulane word!

So the Wave, at some point, is going to face a guy who should not be here- a guy who ought to be playing in Atlanta rather than college ball. Of course, 99% of teams in Amercia would be trouble in such a spot- but maybe if you want to be number one you need to be able to counter in that spot?

That is why to me this series is all about pitching- so I am not too disappointed in this loss. Bugosevic showed he can keep a high quality offense in check for 18 outs- and by May hopefully that will be 21-24 outs. CSF shelled a guy that probably will never see the light of day in a big spot- or at least not see it for 2.2 innings- or if the first two guys he sees smoke rockets.

Of course, it would be expeditious to not go out there and get smoked today. I cannot believe CSF has two guys like Romero- and if they do, they ought to be number one, right? But as they, in baseball, you're only as good as your next start, so here is hoping Tulane gets one today.